About us

About Foliage Gardening Inc.

Gardening has been in our family roots for a long time. Foliage Inc. formed when Louise and Thomas aligned their passion for nature and quality design to deliver over 35+ years of combined experience. They established Foliage Inc. in the season of 2014.

Our Team

 Thomas Seguin-Cousineau | Certified Horticulturalist | CHT

Thomas Seguin CousineauThomas’ journey into the horticultural world began with a visit to White Rose Nurseries at a young age. He spent time carefully selecting plants that he would maintain that summer. At that young age, Thomas learned that giving proper attention to his plants was exactly what they needed. By 12 Thomas and his brother started Lawn Boyz Lawn Care, a neighborhood gardening company. Combining these memories with a professional education in Horticulture at Humber College, Thomas’s hands on education grew while maintaining Toronto’s most exclusive properties.

His dedication and high standard of excellence provides his clients with quality property maintenance, delivering impeccable luxurious properties. His keen eye for detail and love for perfect lawns has developed what Foliage Inc. is today.

Louise Seguin | Seasonal Container Designer

Louise SeguinLouise’s evolution of creating inspirational urns stems from her passion for details, beauty, and appealing to all things sensory.

She is a talented fine artist and shares this with clients, family and friends. Louise continuously achieves praise for her creations and delivers a level of plant art that captures the moment. Her one-of-a-kind container and urn creations will make your luxury property stand out season after season.